Friday, September 14, 2007

Need Some Prayer

Hey Friends,

I have caught a pretty yucky cold and need some prayer. So far Isaac caught it first and passed it to me and Jon isn't feeling great either. I think Ewan might be next on the list as well as my mom.
I am praying that Graham doesn't get sick and will be protected by breastfeeding. I need to get better soon so that I can take care of kiddos and Jon can study. My mom is leaving tomorrow so we won't have the extra hand around to help with the boys.

Please pray for a speedy recovery!



Mimi said...

We're praying!!!! We love you all.

Anonymous said...

certainly praying....
love, monica

Lauren said...

in our prayers. let us know if you need anything...we're right here all the time all week (okay, not totally true, but mostly true!).

Sharon M said...

Sorry I'm a couple of days behind... how are you feeling now?