Monday, February 05, 2007

Today I....

Today I....
1. Enjoyed sleeping until 7:45 because the boys woke up late today. Hooray!

2. Didn't hear Jon get up at 5am to head out to the airport. (That never happens, I always wake up and have a hard time going back to sleep)

3. Made breakfast for myself and the boys while simultaneously puking in the kitchen sink.

4. Cleaned the guest bathroom.

5. Cleaned out Ewan's closet and made it look more presentable for house showings.

6. Took all the sheets and blankets off of Isaac's crib, washed them, and put new sheets on after he woke up with a large poopie explosion. Stink-o-rama!

7. Washed all the bedding on the big bed in Isaac's room just in case any poo smell might linger from being 2 feet away from the poop explosion.

8. Cleaned off my bookshelves in our bedroom to make them look more presentable for potential house buyers. I packed 3 boxes!

9. Sorted books that I could probably sell to Half-Price Books.

10. Threw away a ton of old magazines that I am never going to read again.

11. Reorganized my lending library for my Bradley students.

12. Cleaned the laundry room. Boy that floor was nasty!

13. Picked up toys over and over and over.

14. Made lunch for me and the boys while simultaneously puking in the kitchen sink.

15. Laid the boys down for their naps.

16. Continued to work on my bookshelves, clearing, throwing away stuff, and dusting.

17. Fed the boys snack after they got up from their nap.

18. Cleaned the front room, the kitchen again, vacuumed the house.

19. Planted flowers in the front flower beds and flower pots.

20. Sat for 5 minutes watching TV with kiddos before I got up to cook dinner.

21. Cooked dinner for me and the boys while simultaneously puking in the kitchen sink.

22. Ate dinner.

23. Bathed the boys.

24. Got a call from my student who was supposed to come to class tonight saying she was having pretty strong contractions (after her midwife stripped her membranes) and thought she would have a hard time concentrating during class. She decided not to come to class (smart move!).

25. Felt very relieved that class was canceled!

26. Got boys dressed in jammies.

27. Laid Isaac down for bed.

28. Started counting down the last hour of the day with Ewan, praying I wouldn't fall asleep while talking to him.

29. Picked up Ewan's room.

30. Played trains with him for 45 minutes.

31. Read him books, rocked him for a few minutes, laid him in bed, prayed for him and left hoping tonight he would not get out of bed 10 minutes after I left.

32. Got out the ice cream and ate a huge bowl of mint chocolate chip while catching up on my favorite blogs.

33. Decided to write a post on what I did today.

34. Said a prayer of thanks that Ewan did not get out of bed at all! Said an additional prayer that he will stay in asleep until at least 6:45 or 7am.

35. Collapsed in bed or on the couch--haven't decided yet.

**Somewhere between #7 and *8 I read Peter Rabbit to the boys and had to pause halfway through to book to throw up. Ewan said, "Mommy, is the baby making you sick?" "Yes, Ewan, it is." In between vomiting one of the boys would say, "Read please." My response, "I will gladly read you the rest of the story after I finish throwing up, guys, just a minute." I don't think they get it quite yet but at least they said please.

There were also times of playing with the boys interspersed throughout the day--just so you don't think I ignored them all day.

I don't think I will have another day anytime soon where the only time I sit down during daylight hours is to eat dinner. I ate lunch standing up and cleaning at the same time. I seriously don't know how I made it this late! Good night all!


Jon Parker said...

Baby, you are amazing!!! and a very funny writer. I love you!

Grace said... wonder you're tired!!!

Anonymous said...

Hip hip hooray for ice cream!
I think the worst part about throwing up in the kitchen sink is that you then have to clean it...which almost makes everything start all over again. I wish I was closer to help you you! -monica

Anonymous said...


allison said...

WHOA MAMA! You are Super Mom! You should have eaten all of the mint chip ice cream, straight out of the container, as a reward for your hard work. Don't you wish you had eight arms to clean, cuddle, eat, talk on the phone, cook, wipe noses, and change diapers with? Way to go!