Saturday, February 17, 2007

Patty Griffin

A friend, Leon, gave Jon and I a Patty Griffin CD last year for Christmas. Who knew that she would become one of my favorite singers? Her CD, 1000 Kisses, is amazing. She has got some amazing song writing skills. 1000 Kisses is folk music. Her other CD, Flaming Red, is more rock music. I have not gotten to enjoy that one as much yet because it is so hard to listen to what I want to in the car. For Valentine's Day Jon got me her new CD, Children Running Through. It is more of a combo of rock and folk music. One song on the CD, Burgundy Shoes, touched my heart strings.

Jon heard an interview with her on NPR talking about this song. She wanted to capture the feeling of a 3 year old little girl and her mom taking a trip out after the snow melts. If you get a chance to listen to the song please do so. It made me think of special moments with my own mom when I was little and made me yearn for this baby I am carrying to be a little girl. Here are the lyrics:

Burgundy Shoes
We wait for the bus that's going to Bangor
In my plaid dress and burgundy shoes
In your red lipstick and lilac kerchief
You're the most pretty lady in the world

The bus driver smiles a dime and a nickel
We climb in our seats
The vinly is cold
"Michelle, Ma Belle" A song that you loved then
You hold my hand and sing to yourself

The leaves are green and new like a baby
Tulips are red
Now I don't miss the snow
It's the first day I don't wear my big boots
You hold my hand
I've got burgundy shoes

This little girl is excited that she gets to wear her little dress and burgundy shoes and is enjoying looking at the sun outside. When you hear the song I guarantee you will get teary. To hear a sample of her music click on this link. Rain is one of my favorites of this selection. You can select 4 songs to listen to. To hear a teeny blurb of Burgundy Shoes click on this link.

P.S. Monica, this song made me especially think of you and Miriam. I think since you like Norah Jones so much you might really like Patty Griffin. (Big hug your way)


sabrina said...

Reba and I saw Patty play at Gruene Hall a couple weeks ago. It was AWESOME. The new album is sooo great. :)

sabrina said...

I really liked Impossible Dream too, my favorite song is "When it don't come easy"... and then, you should try and get Living With Ghosts, it was a smaller release, just her and her guitar, but the songs are just beautiful and honest. :D

monica said...

It does make me think of my sweet little girl. She loves wearing her "pitty" {aka pretty} shoes and watching the beautiful sky, just like her friend Ewan, apparently! It always makes me happy when Miriam notices the sunset before I's heartwarming when your child points out to you the hand of God.

Anonymous said...

Love you so very much, you are such a sweet, loving, beautiful person(inside and out). It was so nice to know that you remember that Michelle, My Belle was one of my favorite songs by the Beatles. It is surprising to me to remember how very observant children are. Sometimes when I watch you play with your boys, I get a huge lump in my throat because I can still feel your sweet baby hands in mine when we walked, talked, and played. Love you so very much, Mamma