Wednesday, February 14, 2007

One of the best and worst weekends....

This weekend was supposed to be full of love an romance......

Jon and I were planning on attending a marriage conference at our church on Friday night and Saturday. Mom had the boys overnight on Friday so we could not worry about childcare and the conference. But alas, other things got in the way of that.

I was not feeling well at all on Friday afternoon--tired, headache, nausea (assumed to be from morning sickness). Jon and I met for dinner where I continued to feel very tired and unwell. I threw up in the car before entering the restaurant (also assumed morning sickness). By the end of dinner I had to use my hand to hold my head up because I felt so yucky. We decided to just go home and get some sleep. On the way home I quickly discovered that I was not having morning sickness but rather had been infected with the nasty, virulent stomach bug going around this area. I was throwing up ALL night. Mom called at 10pm letting me know that Ewan had started throwing up. Great.

Jon couldn't go get the kids until Saturday afternoon because he had to attend a funeral (I was supposed to go too but no need to expose everyone to the nasty). When Jon got to mom's house the boys were napping. Isaac woke up from his nap covered in puke-o-rama. Ewan had stopped throwing up but was still not feeling great. He brought the boys home and they went to bed and slept all night--whew!

Sunday, Isaac couldn't go to church so Jon and Ewan went while I stayed home with little guy. After they got home Jon and I worked our booties off getting the (final) major projects finished on the house.

Our church was having a Valentine's dance on Sunday night that we had signed up for weeks ago. It is held at a hotel and the entire evening consists of dressing up in fancy clothes, eating yummy food, and dancing to your heart's delight. We were so tired from the previous days but we decided to go anyway.

We had a BLAST! It was so fun to dance all night. We laughed and acted goofy together. Oh, it was fun! Until we got home.

I started feeling pukey on the way home--again thinking it was morning sickness (you see where this is going). We went to bed (while I wake up throwing up on and off) and at 2:30 Jon wakes up saying "I think I got it, I keep dreaming I need to throw up." Then he runs off to the bathroom. Of course hearing him throw up makes me lose my cookies even more! So all night again I have the bug and Jon is ill too. As a side note--in Jon's dream he kept seeing a computer drop down menu with the choice: Throw up or Keep Sleeping. I thought that was funny.

Monday morning the boys wake up chipper and eager for the day while Jon and I are dragging ourselves around. I can't stop throwing up. I called the midwives because at this point I am so concerned about the baby and getting dehydrated. She says to not eat anything and just sip on carbonated beverages and to call her if I don't stop throwing up by the end of the day.

Jon's mom comes and takes the boys to a playground restaurant where Jon and I can get some rest and not have to worry about taking care of little guys. It was bliss! Thank you Mimi!!!!
Kim brought Sierra Mist, pudding (for me later because it was one of the few things that sounded tolerable), and Macaroni and Cheese. Thank you Kim!!!!!

Today is Wednesday, we are recovered, although I am still easily tired--but that may be due to the combo of being pregnant and getting over the bug. The only complication I seem to have is that I think my gums were burned by all the stomach bile and are very, very sensitive. Today I have been craving Vitamin C foods and have been indulging myself with them. Vitamin C is good for your gums and tissue repair so maybe my body is telling me I need extra. (I just ate a whole lime.)

The weekend was supposed to be full of reconnecting and doing some maintenance on our marriage. I am sad that our plans didn't work out they way they were supposed to BUT I am so thankful for our one night of dancing bliss. At least there was some form of fun to make up for 24 hours of throwing up! And, thankfully, the house is ready for visitors--even disinfected. We still have a few small things to do but they aren't as urgent. So start praying for a quick sale at a good price! Oh, and warmer weather--who wants to go out and look at house is freezing weather?

I am hoping this is the last of the winter illnesses that get caught here at the parkersanity house. Please pray for good health for our little family too!

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Mamabrown said...

Praying for good health for all the Parkers; a warmer,sunny day(s) so the little ones can play outside and get a little natural Vitamin D and Mommy can enjoy feeling the Texas sunshine warm her bones; praying your morning sickness lessens over the next trimester; praying for the sale of your house; thanking God for all our blessings, too. Thank you,Lord, thank you Father, thank you Jesus...Amen.