Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Uncle Darren's Wedding

More pictures to come--but this was a beautiful wedding site and Ewan found one of his favorite things....sticks. I have more picture I am going to upload but blogger was being problematic all day. I decided that I want a weeping willow tree. They are very warm and friendly trees--it made me feel welcome under its canopy.


Allison said...

Hey Amelia! I was so glad to find your blog. Erik's been telling me I should do a blog for a while but I've resisted. Seeing your inspired me and helped me realize I DO have things to write about! I love this picture of Ewan; it's so little boy! "I can't smile now, Mom. I've got sticks to find." :) Allison Twist

ceciliabrie said...

i have always loved weeping willows, too. i miss you, sweet sister. xo.