Thursday, October 12, 2006

New Birth

I had a cool dream a couple of nights ago. I dreamt that I was in labor and loving it. The labor was calm but I was working through the contractions. At one point I knew I needed to stand up and do the "7th grade dance" (waddling back and forth holding on to Jon) and that the baby would come. Shortly after dancing the baby was descending down the birth canal and was crowning. I squatted down to push the rest of the baby out and catch it in my hands. I was holding a gorgeous baby girl with thick, curly, brown hair and full of chub. She was beautiful! The dream felt so real to me and I was sad when I woke up because I felt like I was missing out on such a warm feeling.

Most of you who read this know that we would like to be pregnant again and are doing our part to make that happen. I would love to have that little baby girl I dreamt about! I think it would seal the fate on having 3 kids. If we had another boy it would be hard not to have a 4th and see if we got a little girl.

I keep chewing on that dream and am wondering if there is another meaning to it. (I am open to suggestions if any of you have the gift of dream interpretation!) I wonder if God is showing me that he is going to birth something new in me. That thought keeps coming back to me....In my heart of hearts I am hoping that it was a promise that we will have a little girl but I don't think that is what God is saying in that dream. Maybe God is showing me that Jon and I need to work together for this "new thing". Trying to figure out seminary and our next phase of life would definitely fit that description. I know He will make it clear but for now I am enjoying catching that baby girl in my arms and thinking about her face. (Dreamy look on my face now)


Dawn said...

I have had so many realistic dreams of having babies, all of them girls... so I can understand the dreamy feel you must have. Happy to hear you're "being fruitful & multiplying", as Duane would say. :)

nicapam said...

this is weird, but my roommate here in nicaragua had a similar dream last night about giving birth (though hers was in a hospital) and having a baby girl in her arms...i wonder if your dream is both metaphorical and literal...God has clearly called you to motherhood, and it brings me joy to know people like you who embrace that calling, all that it is and all it can be...after several short-term mission trips seeing me interacting with kids one of my dear friends told me that even if never have children, i am still a mother of many--i hope so...p.s. the boys look adorable in the 'horns foto!