Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Steve Irwin

Is anyone else totally sad that Steve Irwin died? I was reading some news about it and I got that familiar lump in my throat. He was a great entertainer and educator. It is hard to imagine another conservationist with more charisma and enthusiasm than Steve Irwin. I love Animal Planet and The Crododile Hunter. I would only get to watch it at my mom's house since we don't have cable. The first channel I usually check is Animal Planet.
I think my sadness comes from my "mother's heart". I can't NOT think about Terri and her two little babes that have lost their daddy. She has lost her soul mate--her companion, friend, and lover. I wish I could do more than pray for God's comfort and an understanding of why it happened. My prayers are with you Terri, Bindi, and Robert.


thelins said...

I really loved Steve Irwin too. I used to watch Crocodile Hunter and he made me laugh so much...

We'll miss him so much.

Laborpayne said...

I don't have cable either, so didn't see the show regularly, but always considered it a treat when I did get to see it. As a child I was enthralled with "Wide World of Animals", and "The Adventures of Jaques Cousteau" but Steve Irwin took the "animal shows" (as my mother called them) to a whole new level. He was thrilling to behold. There will never be another Steve Irwin, and I will miss his passion and devotion to the animal kingdom.