Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Daily Quiet Times

I have been feeling convicted about the alone time I spend with God. At church on Sunday the word for me was to take the next week and spend at least 10 minutes a day with God. But when? The hurry-scurry of the day starts when I wake up in the morning and stops when the kids are in bed, the dishes are done, and all the toys are picked up. The best time for me to have some listening and talking time with God are when the boys go down for their nap. The problem is that a list of other things to do beckons me. Answer emails, make some uninterrupted phone calls, clean up lunch dishes, pick up a little, watch my soap opera (I can't help myself!), catch up on blog reading, pick up some more, write my grocery list, prepare for my classes--those are the things that crowd my mind if I sit still. Since the arrival of my children I have not been able to consistently have any alone time with God. If I am honest, I like having the naptime to do fun stuff--catching up with friends on the phone, reading, maybe taking a little nap myself (although those days are rare!). I want "my time" to be all about me. Sure, I pray throughout the day, but I miss God speaking to me through Scripture and Bible study and taking that time to hear Him speak to me. I need to re-balance my life a little bit. If I am not connected to Jesus then I am not doing anyone a favor! I feel different and act different when I am connected to God. So, I have committed to spend at least the first 10 minutes of naptime in Scripture and praying. My friend Jenny and I are holding each other accountable to do it for the next week. And now you know--so feel free to ask me how it is going!


Marie said...
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Marie said...

Good for you! It's amazing how easily we can stray from our personal time with God because of all of the things we want to do for ourselves. The funny thing is (at least the way I've found it)...when I do commit to taking the time out of my day and devote it solely to being alone with God, I still seem to fit in everything else I wanted to do anyway. When I do my things first, it doesn't work out that way and I'm left feeling wanting. You can do it and you've encouraged me to redevote myself to spending 10 minutes a day too.