Monday, November 16, 2009

Homemade Pizza

A lovely friend of mine (Hi Kelly!) gave me her recipe for making pizza dough. I finally tried it on Friday night and it turned out GREAT! Tasted good and looked delicious! Since it was my first time to make pizza dough/pizza from scratch I was a little nervous that the dough wouldn't rise or that I would mess something up along the way. One pizza had thinner crust than the other one and we all liked the thinner crust better. All things considered, it was not difficult to make--it just took a little time. I made a sausage and red pepper pizza (silver pan) and a bacon and pineapple pizza (black pan). Making pizza is so much cheaper than buying it!

Here are the pics:


Janet said...

Looks it was yummy and I bet the boys loved it since they really like it anyway.

Jenny said...

crazy - i've been on a homemade pizza kick lately! my absolute favorite is eggplant w/ summer squash (which of course are still "in season" in our hot texas weather - do you know this whole last week it's been in the 80's?)and tomato. it is a lot easier than i ever imagined and tastes so much better than bought. great minds think alike. :)