Monday, November 23, 2009


"Mom, how does God hear us when we pray? He is all the way up there and we are all the way down here? God and Jesus must have really big ears to hear us. And how does God hear everyone praying at the same time?"
Mom: Those are great questions, Isaac. God can hear us from anywhere. I don't think He has really big ears but he is able to listen to everyone at the same time. Pretty amazing huh?

The next day: (Isaac again)
"Dad, how do birds fly?"
Jon: They use their wings.
"I know they use their wings but how do they fly WITH their wings? How does it work?"
Jon: What a great question, Isaac. (and then Jon gives an explanation about aerodynamics and wind)

"We made it!"
This was after we got home from picking Ewan up from school and I was driving (another post to come). How could a 2 year old know that I was thinking the same thing??!!

Jon has another conversation that he should write about. I was in the same room but somehow missed what happened. Ewan had a world perspective shattered when he discovered that his friend from school who also lives in our building doesn't know Jesus. His brain was in overdrive as he tried to grasp the idea that his friend doesn't believe in Jesus.


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Janet said...

Can't wait to hear this one. I know Jon did an amazing job of explaning. How did Ewan take it all in?

Janet said...

Also, they are at that age when difficult questions begin to appear. They will keep you on your toes. It is so wonderful they have such great parents that will listen to them and try to answer their questions. You will both do a great job at that.