Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It's raining AND SNOWING
that makes this day real BORING.
Graham bumped his head 
and bit Ewan's leg.
What a way to start a MORNING.

Okay, Graham did neither of those things but I had to finish the nursery rhyme sound.

It really is raining and snowing.  And the day is going by very slow.


Kelly said...

Boring?!? No's snowing that means Bruster's has FREE ICE CREAM!! Take the boys outside and see who can be the first to catch a snowflake in their mouth....then run inside and drink some hot cocoa....that's what I would do today anyway if I wasn't stuck here at work all day.

mamabrown said...

Sweetie, sounds like your cold and the cloudy days have struck making you feel a little down in the dumps...hope you have an amazing sunny day tomorrow (or rather today since it is 4:15 a.m.)! I think a cup of hot cocoa and a snowflake on the tongue is a great idea. Or maybe just a healing nap would do the trick to help you feel better. Love you so very much.

nicapamela said...

you're a natural poet
and you sure show it...

may God bring some sunshine to your heart...