Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Pics

Showing their muscles.

Superman and Batman were seen last night roaming the streets of Pittsburgh. They were freeing candy being held hostage on the front porches of the whole city.

Much to their delight they were able to eat some of the candy they saved from all the candy terrorists.

This was the first time we let the boys go trick or treating and they had a GREAT time! Nothin' but utter delight on their faces. We saw lots of our friends in the community. The street we live on is THE street to trick or treat on. I think our whole town came down to our street. It was a blast because the sidewalks were full of people out having a good time. It is a law or city ordinance that trick or treating is allowed inly from 6-8. I thought it was a great idea.

And here is why...

We only had one incident. At 9:30pm our doorbell started buzzing like crazy. Our doorbell sounds like a fire alarm. Very old and very loud. Someone was ringing it over and over again. I was concerned that it was one of our neighbors needing something but I thought it was weird that no one called before coming by that late. I turned the porch light on and pulled the curtain aside only to be looking at a grown man (in his late 30's at least) holding a bag out as if he were asking for candy. He had on a hoodie but I could see his face. I closed the curtain and ran upstairs to get Jon who had fallen asleep putting Ewan to bed. When Jon came down the man was still there and Jon told him we didn't have any candy and to go away. My heart was beating a hundred miles a minute. What on earth was a grown man doing at 9:30 at night trick or treating? No way am I opening my door to a stranger doing strange things like that! Creepy!


Anonymous said...

you should TOTALLY frame that one of them showing their muscles. I get tickled every time I look at it, especially big three-year-old Isaac!! -monica

Anonymous said...

Wish we could have been there to share in the fun. They are such "strong" young men! I giggle every time I see Isaac's big muscles! He is such a sweetheart. Ewan looks like such a big boy now, doesn't he? Love, Mom

Dawn said...

that last part IS creepy... i'm so glad jon was there. i'd have FREAKED OUT if that happened here. as it was, I was alone with the kids on h-ween till about 9:15.

Tisha said...

Girl! The pictures are Great. McKeonly latest craze is Superman(which comes on at 6) and "Fatman"(which follows at 6:30.