Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Easiest Job

Does anyone else ever feel covetous that Vanna White has the EASIEST, most well paid job EVER?


Sharon M said...

Yeah, but I'm sure she spends a TON of time working out every week to maintain her body.
I was watching her last night and thought, "She doesn't look like she's aged at all since I first started watching her." (That was like 20 years ago). I used to be super-envious of her job when I was a little girl because she got to dress up like a princess EVERY DAY.

Grace H. Lin said...

HAha - yeah her job seems REALLy easy. I'm pretty impressed by how she manages to still look good after so many years being on the show. she looks like she's hardly aged!!!

Dawn said...

every single day. although, she probably hasn't eaten anything fun for 26 years. has to stay skinny for all those dresses. i guess i'd have to choose eating a brownie over touching computer screens for a career.

mamabrown said...

And, don't forget the highest high heels she wears! No casual day for Vanna. Her feet probably have bunions on top of her bunions after 20 years standing around in those shoes! Otherwise, I am not really sure what Vanna does anymore other than walk along the letters and point them out gracefully. It must have been hard work to flip those letter in yesteryear in comparison to today. She must do something else, don't you think? Wouldn't you be bored doing the same thing day after day after day?
I think it would be hard to maintain that poise and not look bored beyond reason. Oh well, I hope those thoughts are not sour grapes. I just don't think many people could do what she has done for so many years and still smile so charmingly.