Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sea World and San Antonio

We went to San Antonio this past weekend for a final goodbye bash with our friends. We stayed at a friend's house in Monte Vista which I named "Chatteau Abrams" as it was a perfect place for our family of 4 to stay for our visit. She had the most comfortable guest bed and soft sheets. Our mattress has seen better days and I felt like I was sleeping in heaven there.

We arrived on Thursday and got settled in. Friday morning we got up, had breakfast and headed out for a wonderful but long day at Sea World (pictures coming soon). We met our friends, the Odles, there and had a blast. Miriam and Ewan are the same age and love hanging out together. Ewan loved all the shows. He thought they were facinating. Isaac was easily distracted but he did enjoy watching all the animals. Both the boys really liked watching the sea lions at their little cove area and listening to them bark for food. The boys both got up at 6am after getting to bed late the night before so they were pretty pooped toward the end of the day. Ewan fell asleep in the car before we drove out of the parking lot.

Saturday we had breakfast with our friends, the Castros, at a super delicious place called Taco Haven in South Town. I highly recommend it next time you are in San Antonio! We went backto their house and sat in the backyard while the boys played. We headed back to Chatteau Abrams for a long nap and then spent the rest of the afternoon getting ready for the party we had to gather all our friends together. That was a BLAST! It was so fun to catch up with our friends and we got to see some friend we haven't seen in quite a while.

Here are some highlights from our trip:

Isaac is looking at the sea lions.

Ewan and I looking at the sea lions.

Miriam and Ewan holding hands on our way to see the dolphins.

Isaac watching the dolphins with daddy.

Daddy and the boys on their 2nd ride ever. They loved it!

Ewan crashed in the car as we left the parking lot.

Isaac, Joaquin, and Ewan playing with sticks in the backyard.

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