Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Chicks and Cars

I just got some wonderful pictures from Monica from our weekend trip to San Antonio and I think this one might be my favorite!

Look at the HUGE grin on his face...He has 2 absolutely gorgeous girls next to him who are holding 2 very cool cars. I don't think he could be any more thrilled.

I just have to take a moment and give a web toast to all our friends in San Antonio. You have been such a great support to me and our family. I love all of your kids as if they were part of my own family and I am so thankful for our friendship. Words cannot express the love we have for all of you. Thanks for coming to the party and sending us off to Pittsburgh! We will miss being able to see you while we are gone but we hope that you all feel free to come and visit!


mamabrown said...

Ewan looks like he appreciates being sandwiched between two beautiful baby girls. Of course, they are "toddlers" now, but still babies to me. I laugh every time I look at the picture - it is so heartwarming to know that Ewan enjoys his little friends. Good picture, Monica!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming, Parker fam! It was a good time. One thing I love about that picture is that, if you look closely, you can see cookie on the edges of all their mouths! Oh how fun to be at a party. ;-)

anon said...

Hello everyone, you seem to have a wonderful family, and great love for them and I realize this is more or less a journal of your life. However I would like to see you cover your gratitude in your up-bringing and family as it relates to your life now.
It just seems that today more and more people are applying their inspiration in them selves and deities that serve little purpose.
Perhaps thats why we have the ME generation.

Keep faith in science and conflict, through conflict we discover truth.

amelia said...
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amelia said...

Thanks Anon 2:57am for stopping by my page--

You are welcome to put your faith in science-that is your right to do so. I disagree that God has little purpose in my life (or anyone else's) but I do not want to use this blog as a forum for debate on whether or not God exists.

I think I understand where you are coming from when you mention talking about covering how grateful I am for my family and my upbringing. However, I do not feel it is necessary to divulge the details of my upbringing and family. Some people in my family would prefer things to stay in the family and not be out here on my blog for all to see. It is a sign of respect for my family that I do not talk about them very often. It does not mean that I do not have great love, appreciation, gratefulness, or respect for my family.

My blog is for my family and friends to read so they can see how our kiddos are growing up and to keep in touch with us as a family. I do not feel as though I need to adjust the purpose of my blog.

I am hurt that you seem to think that I am completely consumed with myself and that I am an ungrateful daughter/grandaughter/daughter-in-law. I think if you knew me more you would see how much that is not true. In the end, I don't think it is fair to conclude things about me just from a decision to not talk about some things.

mamabrown said...

Good response to "anon", sweetie, your family loves you just as you are without change. It is your blog and you can write about what you want and how you wish to write. Your family appreciates what a wonderful, kind, loving, intelligent, talented, caring person you are with a great sense of humor.

Abu Daoud said...

A Blessing upon you Um Ewan (Mother of Ewan).

"The only way to learn humility is by being humiliated." --Mother Theresa.