Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sometimes the busyness of life makes it hard to stop and enjoy what is going on around me. In the past two weeks we had VBS, a wedding, a childbirth class to teach, a college group at church, two sick kids, and a baby shower for a friend. Those were all the things we could do or had to do--it doesn't include all the things I couldn't participate in.

Right now I am looking forward to our vacation in Canada. The cool breeze, lounging in the hammocks, long walks, fishing.....sigh......Spending a week and a half with family with no cell phones, computers, or job duties. We need the rest and the time to enjoy each other.

This picture was from 2 years ago. I was pregnant with Isaac and Ewan was turning 1. I think both the kids will LOVE being in Canada this year. Ewan will be turning 3 and loves being outside. Isaac will like playing with rocks and dirt and watching the birds. Jon and I will love the cool weather and napping whenever we can. We leave in less than a month...Let the countdown begin.

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