Friday, February 26, 2010

Top 10 Boy and Girl Baby Names in the UK for 2010

Okay...I think this is an interesting list. Mainly because of the boy names.

1. Jack
2. Harry
3. Alfie
4. Thomas
5. Oliver
6. Daniel
7. Joshua
8. Charlie
9. Mohammed
10. George

3 of the names are the names of former Kings (Harry, George, Charlie). I hear Harry being called out ALL the time by parents to their children. I'm surprised it isn't #1. Charlie and Edward are other common boy names I hear being called even though Edward isn't on the list. Oliver is often shortened to Ollie which I think is cute. But Alfie? Really?

1. Olivia
2. Ruby
3. Emily
4. Grace
5. Lily
6. Jessica
7. Amelia
8. Chloe
9. Isabella
10. Emma

I don't think the UK girl names are very different from US top 10 names for 2010 kids--except maybe Ruby.


Dawn said...

I think Ruby's starting to climb around here though! It's adorable.

Monica O said...

Yes, I think I've heard Ruby here or there. Name lists fascinate me! I always think girl names are easier than boys...but Amelia--you have such good names for all your little guys! I wish I could see you and those boys and that little tummy right this minute!

Perhaps I should go pray for some patience. Sigh... miss you friend!

Janet said...

Interesting names, especially seeing Amelia on the list for girls names in the UK. When we were searching for your name, I looked up thousands of names in a baby book that I carried around with me for months and found that Amelia kept coming up in the back of my mind. The other two names I thought of were Demetria of Greek origin meaning Earth Mother, or barley-mother and Penelope which was of Greek origin and meant weaver,duck which were not too inspiring but I still liked the sound of Penelope. I thought they might be too hard to spell in the "real world" and you would be forever spelling your name to everyone. However, I decided to go with Amelia the first time I saw your face. The the meaning of the name of Amelia was of Hebrew origin meaning Work of the Lord and beloved the Teutonic meaning was strong, industrious. Your middle name Kathleen is of Gaelic origin meaning Pure. It was originally spelled Caitlin but pronounced Kathleen. I thank God that your name was something that has met your personality. You are the Work of the Lord, you are truly beloved,you are Pure, you are strong and you are industrious. Well, we know you are so much more than just a name but thought you might get a kick over the why I decided to name you Amelia Kathleen. I know you still have to spell your name all the time because people don't know how to spell it in the real world either. Didn't mean to go on and on....but I did.