Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out of Graham's Mouth

Jon and I were in the kitchen cooking dinner and rearranging foodstuffs for the icemaker we are buying from somone in our building. In comes Graham.

He says, "Grahammy poo-poo!" and points to his behind.

Mommy says, "Oh thanks for telling us Graham! That is a very big boy thing to do!" and gives him a kiss.

Graham says, "Daddy poo-poo? Daddy change poo-poo?" and runs off.

My heart melts because he asked Daddy (and not me-heh heh) to change his poop. I can tell that Jon doesn't think this is as cute as I do even though it is the first time he's told us he pooped and asked for a change. As Jon was working to get to a stopping place Graham runs back in the kitchen.

He says, "Come on daddy. Change poo-poo." And then went to lay down in the hall to wait for him.

Come on, that is cute!


Anonymous said...

Very cute!!! Jon is so very lucky to be the one he asked to change his pooy pants! Cute, cute, cute! Is he almost ready for potty training?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to say who anonymous was in the previous comment...just me, Grandma B