Saturday, October 03, 2009

What Do Toddlers Do During Homeschool?

They join right in, of course!

Graham wanted to run around naked the other morning instead of wear his diaper. I made sure his potty was nearby in case he started to pee. We aren't potty training but he likes to sit on the potty and I wanted something nearby to catch any runoffs. Running around naked means that he participates in school naked too. Isaac and I were working on making a painted poster of the seasons and Graham wanted to paint too. Of course his version of painting is a little messier than Isaac's. Needless to say, he got a bath afterwards.

Surprisingly, having Graham around while we do school has been pretty easy. He likes to join in any of the art projects and do his own or sit in my lap while I read. He really likes all the science books we are looking at. Sometimes he'll go off on his own and play but for the most part he is by our side or in my lap learning right along.

Homeschool hasn't been as tough as I thought it would but I've only been doing it for a week--so maybe I'll change my mind about the difficulty in another few weeks.

Ewan is enjoying his classroom at his school. I don't have a very good picture of him in his uniform but it'll do for now.

Our situation ended up working out great--thanks be to the Lord! Ewan is technically enrolled in Year 2 but is really in Year 1. Originally, the head teacher (principal) and I talked about Ewan starting off in the Year 2 class and spending some time in the Year 1 class to catch up. Then we thought that maybe he should just be in Year 1 full time and move up to Year 2 at Christmas. But, after talking to his teacher (who taught Year 2 last year) we both feel confident that he will most likely stay in Year 1 all year. I don't exactly understand how that will work with the county and how they work--but it really isn't my problem to fix or worry about. All I know is that Ewan is in Year 1 which is the right class for him. He really enjoys it! From what I can tell, Year 1 is just like Kindergarten. They spend a lot of time playing--and learning through play. There isn't any pressure for any kid to be at a certain level. They put children in groups in the classes who are on similar levels and work with them according to their levels. They get to spend a lot of time outside too--which is great for Ewan.

All in all, I'm pleased. I think everything has worked out well.

One cultural difference: Ewan's school provides shorts and shirts for kids during their gym class. But that is unusual--most kids at other schools just do gym in their underwear. The whole class changes their clothes together in the same room though. They don't separate the kids at all. Of course the kids don't think twice about it. That is one thing that would NEVER happen in the States these days!


Connie said...

Glad everyone is enjoying home schooling and that Ewan's situation is working out well for him as well. Amazing how God has a better plan, even when we're not sure how it will all work out. In 64 years of life He's never failed to come through!

Janet said...

I love Connie's true! It is always amazing to see how God works things out.