Monday, November 27, 2006

Let's Talk About Accents

I never knew my Dad had an accent until I was in college. I don't know why I never noticed it before then--and I don't really know why I started noticing it when I was in college. Perhaps it was the general eye opening experience that college is.

Anyway, Jon and I have an ongoing joke about how thick my dad's East Texas accent really is. Jon thinks it is as thick as thick can be--imagine the most hillbilly accent you can and that is what Jon thinks my dad sounds like. I hold the opinion that it IS thick but not THAT thick.

We spent Thanksgiving with my dad this year which was wonderful. My dad is rehashing this story from something that happened to him recently and he was saying that ANGIE HAR-MONE was flirting and doing "boy crazy" stuff. He couldn't remember the girl's name he was talking about so he kept saying THAT ANGIE HAR-MONE. I thought he was saying that HAR-MONE was her last name but no, he was actually saying HORMONE. He was calling her Angie Hormone making fun of her hormones! When in the world did his accent get so thick I can't even understand what he is saying?

They did move back to East Texas a few years ago so I think being around all those other southern folk has made him revert back to that thick twang. Now, don't get me wrong--I am NOT saying that Jon is right about the thickness of the accent. I can never concede to that debate--and even if he WAS right (which he isn't) I would never admit it.


Jon said...

Good to know where I stand...Too bad we can't upload my impersonation and a recording of your dad and let folks judge for themselves! Luv-yoo!

that kid with red hair who should get up earlier Sunday morning :o said...

My step-father blames everything we do on high estrogen levels... .what is that? some kinda new humorous fad with elderly men?!

Well it's great to see the Parker family behind the scenes, you all [ or should i say YALL ] make me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Curt says my accent goes right back to West Texas twang the second I hear a grandma on the phone or enter Lubbock's city limits...So, perhaps your family's accents rival mine! -Monica :-)

amelia said...

that kid with red hair.....
Listening to my dad tell that story took me way back down memory lane when he was blaming my hormones on everything! Haha!

Maybe the estrogen levels make us NORMAL humans :).

Anonymous said...

Dad sez,

Our "accent" is part of who we are. It is part of our character. There is something about the southern accent, and yes, even the East Texas twang that softens the speech and makes the conversation a little more interesting to listen too. Maybe if one has to work a little harder to understand someone they might just hear what is being said. Listening, wow! what a concept. Never doubt the wisdom and intelligence that may be masked by "The Accent".

Jon should know better than anyone, that you can't judge a person by their accent any more than you can "judge a race by the pets that they own".

As for high Estrogen levels.....That HAR MONE is something all Dads have to deal with.The high level is a major source for dad's ulcers with growing daughters and a major source of ulcers when their ladies hit the Menopause wall and estrogen levels go in the tank. the kid with the red hair. Your Step-father knows what he is talking about. Also if the Parker family personal behind the scenes trips you trigger, you should get a peak at the Griffith side of the house.

Anonymous said...

no one can say y'all just right but a Texan,also yonder,fixin dinner,didjaeat,even yup,what ever else that sounds funny to out of staters ,makes perfect sense to me. Loved your snow man,must have been hard -with such a light snowfall

ceciliabrie said...

ah tell you whut, mah sistr and me, we came dauwn withuh ba-uhd caseuh east-texun when we wer thaur over thu holidayz. her boyfrend started evun teezin hur. ah cudn't buhleev thuh thangs that was comin outah mah mauth.